Tabin 10

2202 E Windsor Rd
Urbana, IL 61802

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Available: Yes
Subdivision: Eastgate and Tabin
Zoning: commercial
List Price: 4,586,868
Acreage: 10.5

This tract is located along the active Windsor Road corridor and contains 10.5 acres.  The property is zoned for commercial development.  Cobble Creek residential development exists to the north and additional residential development is planned on the east side of this property in the future.  A mature tree line exists on the east edge of this tract.  Developer will consider subdividing this lot.  Developer will consider a build-to-suit (BTS) arrangement for this property.  Access onto Windsor Road has been negotiated with the City of Urbana.  An extension of Cobble Creek Drive may be built through this tract in the future.  Stormwater detention will need to be built on the site.

Additional Info

Public road access and utilities can be extended to this property.


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