TAG Offices Staff

Photo of Clint Atkins

Clint Atkins

Founder (1945-2011)
Photo of Spencer Atkins

Spencer Atkins

Chief Executive Officer
Photo of Mark Dixon

Mark Dixon

Photo of Todd Atkins

Todd Atkins

Photo of Rick Klopfleisch

Rick Klopfleisch

Chief Financial Officer
Photo of Spencer Von Atkins

Spencer Von Atkins

Vice President - Capital Investments
Photo of Samantha Rice

Samantha Rice

Office Manager
Photo of Carolyn Kelly

Carolyn Kelly

Photo of Amber Borchers

Amber Borchers

Staff Accountant
Photo of Nikki Blight

Nikki Blight

Web Developer/Network Assistant


Photo of Jane Solon

Jane Solon

Vice President - Property Management
Photo of John Martinie

John Martinie

Vice President - Development
Photo of Sam Hendon

Sam Hendon

Project Manager
Photo of Shane Coats

Shane Coats

Facility Manager
Photo of Michelle Potenberg

Michelle Potenberg

Assistant Property Manager


Photo of Kevin Brumback

Kevin Brumback

Project Manager
Photo of Michelle Warren

Michelle Warren

Property Manager
Photo of Jeremy Hardy

Jeremy Hardy

Photo of Brad Thais

Brad Thais

Residential Maintenance Supervisor


Photo of Jim Goss

Jim Goss

Vice President - TAG Farms
Photo of Sophia Hortin

Sophia Hortin

Farm Manager


Photo of Hector Guevara

Hector Guevara

Grounds Crew
Photo of Angel Peralta

Angel Peralta

Grounds Crew