Apollo Subdivision

Since its beginning in 1996, Apollo Subdivision has become the premier industrial park in Champaign County.  Encompassing over 500 acres of land along the Canadian National Railroad line in north Champaign, the park has become the home to over 22 businesses, 15 buildings totaling over 1.3 million square feet and provided over 1,200 jobs to the community.

Immediate access to interstates has been a major catalyst for growth in Apollo Subdivision with 3 interchanges onto I-57 and I-74 within 2 miles.  Combining this ease of access with Champaign County’s central Midwest location has made Apollo Subdivision a distribution hub for Fortune 500 companies such as FedEx, Caterpillar and Trane.

Prime lots are available for purchase or build-to-suit lease and sale.  The Atkins Group also offers existing warehouse space for lease in Apollo Subdivision.  View the available lots and warehouse space on our website, or contact us today for more information!

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Available Lots:

Apollo Lot 202, 28.7 acres
Apollo Lot 203, 15.5 acres
Apollo Lot 204, 64.4 acres
Apollo South Lot 101
, 7.4 acres
Apollo North Lot 101, 49.2 acres
Apollo North Lot 201, 61.6 acres

Initial Development: 1996
Size: 550+ Acres
Interstate Access: Three I-57 and I-74 interchanges within 2 miles
Rail Access: Adjacent Canadian National Railroad line



For inquiries regarding leasing, purchase, or additional information this property, please contact Mark Dixon.

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