Interstate East Subdivision

Interstate East (IE) is a light industrial subdivision located in northern Champaign.  Lots are available from just under one acre to as large as 4.5 acres.  Utilities are already in place and lots are ready for immediate construction.  Interstate East has immediate access to Interstate 57 via Olympian Drive and is just around the corner from prime shopping and restaurant venues on Prospect Avenue.  Call or email for more information today.

Additional Info

Lots Available:

Lot 202, 4.5 acres
Lot 401, 1.2 acres
Lot 402, 1.1 acres
Lot 403, 1.0 acres
Lot 404, 1.8 acres
Lot 405, 0.9 acres
Lot 406, 1.3 acres
Lot 407, 1.0 acres
Lot 408, 1.5 acres


For inquiries regarding leasing, purchase, or additional information this property, please contact Mark Dixon.

(217) 367-2121 x16
Email Mark Dixon