Residential Electronics Recycling Event

The next FREE electronics recycling event for Champaign and Urbana will be held on Saturday, May 19, 2018.  Registration is required to attend the event.  Online registration will open on Monday, April 9, 2018. Residents may bring up to 10 electronic devices to the event, including up to 2 TVs per household.

Residents who register online in advance may bring the following electronic items (working and non-working) to the Residential Electronics Collection:

  • Televisions (All sizes, types, & models of TVs accepted)
  • DVD/VHS players, radios, stereo equipment, remote controls, MP3 players, iPods, e-readers, projectors
  • Hand-held gaming devices, video game consoles, digital cameras, camcorders
  • Cable and satellite receivers
  • Computers and servers, laptops, tablets, printers, copiers, monitors, keyboards, speakers, mice, cables, wires, external drives, UPS
  • Computer parts including but not limted to: circuit boards, hard drives, optical drives, power supplies, ribbon cables, RAM
  • Networking equipment, hubs, switches, routers, cables, modems, scanners
  • Ink and toner cartridges
  • Cash registers, credit card readers, typewriters, adding machines, calculators
  • Cell phones and accessories, telephones, telecom equipment, chargers
  • Microwaves
  • Christmas lights
  • Rechargable batteries: Lithium Ion, Ni-Cd, Lead Acid, Ni-Mh

For more information, see the City of Urbana’s website.