A Restructuring of TAG

PRESS RELEASE 11/25/2020
The Atkins Family legacy for being a well-established regional real estate investment company continues to evolve. The Atkins Group, a family owned company, was founded by Clint and Susan Atkins. Headquartered in Urbana, TAG has decided to make their next step to growth. A restructuring of TAG is forthcoming to ensure growth and stability. The company’s commitment to the community, residents, and tenants will remain a core value. Effective December 1, 2020, Spencer Atkins will formally become the CEO of TAG. Long-standing director, Mark Dixon, will be appointed as President. TAG executive team will be comprised of long-term employees Jim Goss, Kevin Brumback, Jane Solon, John Martinie and Rick Klopfleisch. The Urbana based company has real estate holdings consisting of residential, farm, industrial, office and commercial properties. TAG currently invests and manages real estate properties in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, and California.