Free Seminar from Facer Law Office

Facer Law Office will be holding a free seminar to discuss protecting yourself and your family from the costs associated with long-term care on Wednesday, December 14 at the I-Hotel and Conference Center.

The Seven Secrets You NEED to Know to Protect Yourself, Your Assets, and Your Family from the High Costs of Long-Term Care

One of the biggest fears many people have today is the fear of having their life savings wiped out if they end up in a nursing home. What a shame to see someone’s life savings of 30, 40, or 50 years whiped out by the cost of care. You’re invited to attend a FREE educational workshop to discover the secrets smart elder care attorneys use to protect their own families… and how you can protect your family, too.

Wednesday, December 14 at 1:30PM ath the I-Hotel and Conference Center (Enter through door facing the Assembly Hall)

    • Learn about ways to pay for long-term care.
    • Learn how to potentially avoid an expensive mistake while trying to pay for long-term care.
    • Learn how recent laws have changed the rules.
    • Learn why traditional estate planning does not work… and the Family Protection Planning steps you should be taking instead.
    • Learn how to make sure your spouse is not left financially devastated if you need nursing home care.
    • Learn how to qualify for the hidden Veteran’s benefits that most people know nothing about.
    • Learn about the asset protection language most people don’t have in their power of attorney documents… which can help protect their life savings.
    • Learn how planning is available to protect your assets… while allowing you to control them… and protect them from lawsuits and the nursing home.
    • Attendees will have two opportunities to win a FREE copy of Attorney Facer’s latest book: Don’t Go Broke in a Nursing Home.

Attendance to this workshop is free, but registration is required since seating is limited. You can reserve your spot at this meeting by calling 217-337-1111

Special Bonus: A free copy of Attorney Facer’s “The Consumer’s Guide to Medicare Planning”, updated for 2016 and 2017, will be distributed (limit 1 guide per household).

Call Facer Law Office at 217-337-1111 to reserve your seat, or register online at