Grandfather passes on cattle know-how

Andy Allen farms 280 acres for TAG Farms.  His grandfather, Don Wood, farms a large part of the Atkins Group’s Clearview property.

From Illinois Farmer Today:

When Don Wood started his day in the usual way on a crisp March morning, he realized something was different than it had been for almost seven decades.

“Wednesday morning when I got up, it was the first day I didn’t own a cow since I was 10,” says Wood, now 77.

He’ll still do the morning feed run for the cattle his grandson owns on the rural Champaign farm. He’ll also continue to work on the row crops, but he watched the last of his cattle leave the farm the day before.

“Dad has definitely left a legacy,” says his daughter, Jill Hardesty, a Blue Ridge High School administrative assistant in nearby Farmer City where she lives.

The Wood family farm is now in transition from Hardesty’s father to her son, Andy Allen.

Shared Passions: Grandfather passes on cattle know-how (Illinois Farmer Today)