Omnibarre offering free classes

Omnibarre will be offering free classes when you enroll in January classes between November 17th – 30th.  When you enroll in January classes, you will receive the entire month of December free!  For more information, visit their website.

Omnibarre is a revolutionary ultra-low-impact approach to improving and maintaining strength, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness by utilizing the most current technology and techniques.  Omnibarre offers threes class formats to help you reach your fitness potential: barre, TRX suspension training, and boot camp.  While classes may be taken separately, the use of multiple, harmonious class formats will yield the best results as primary strength and cardio days can be offset with lower intensity barre classes.


Barre: Barre technique fuses the best practices of yoga, pilates, and ballet focusing on strength and flexibility while toning the entire body and improving balance. Expert instructors will guide you through intervals of well-coordinated, functional movements.

TRX: TRX Suspension Training uses your bodyweight to safely build strength and muscular endurance without sacrificing the flexibility gained in barre classes.  TRX Certified trainers will show you how to challenge yourself through adjusting you body position to increase or decrease resistance.

Barre Boot Camp:  Barre Boot Camp is a high-tempo cardio and strength building class that is thought at three different fitness levels ranging from beginner to advanced. Additional resistance equipment is incorporated in each workout to emphasize strength and cardiovascular improvement.