EXPERT SERIES: Rick Klopfleisch – the Value of Trust

Recently a colleague and I traveled to Atlanta for a summit regarding scaling up your business. The summit touched on many different topics. These topics included how to design your business’ message, crowd funding, artificial intelligence, trust in leadership, enhancing employee motivation, emotional intelligence, and culture building. These are just a few of the topics but what really struck me was that the word trust kept popping up into virtually every one of the speakers presentations.

Whether you are working on building a cohesive team, increase revenue, or raising capital, if you have the trust of the people you work with your success is soon to follow.

This seems very elementary at face value, but many organizations and leaders struggle with this. In my experience, the more collaborative the culture is the more trust there will be. Many times it’s simple communications. Keeping everyone up to date on the direction the company is going keeps everyone engaged and informed. When ideas are shared and encouraged trust will be built.

This isn’t something that happens overnight. It is a way of life. Trust and support others, then others will trust and support you. Then when trust is growing within your organization, your organization will grow and flourish.